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Making a Successful Sale

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Decide to Sell

When selling your house, price, presentation, position and marketing exposure are the four most important factors. These factors, coupled with choosing the right agent can make a world of difference to your end result.

Selecting the right Agent

The most effective way to get TOP DOLLAR for your home is with help of a professional, licensed real estate agent. Even a real estate agent with experience, needs to know your specific goals before we can help you accomplish them. Our job is to help pinpoint all of the variables related to your specific goals and determine the best methods to achieve them. We use our expert knowledge and apply it to your specific needs, to set a realistic time-frame in achieving your plan.

Why you should appoint Rohan & Lyn and RE/MAX excellence.

We understand that we are competing for your business and in doing so need to provide you with clearly identifiable benefits in using our services.

  • We are totally committed to getting the maximum amount of money for you in the shortest possible time
  • We will provide a comparison of properties similar to yours that are currently on the market or have sold recently
  • We will advise you on how to present your home to attract buyers
  • We will work with you to develop a tailor made marketing program and a strategy to sell your home
  • We will work with you to determine an anticipated selling price
  • We will demonstrate a track record of our great results
  • Offer reliable advice and useful information to help you make informed decisions along the way
  • Handle the details to lead your transaction to a smooth, successful close

A strong and professional agent should be able to demonstrate their extensive knowledge of the local market and market conditions.

They must also be able to develop a rapport with any level of buyer - think back: have the agents you have spoken to left you with a positive and lasting impression?

Your agent must be an EXPERT NEGOTIATOR! An expert negotiator can make a difficult sale look easy by acting with confidence and competence on your behalf.

Negotiating the highest possible sale price on your behalf requires your agent to be persistent, tactful, knowledgeable and skilled in financial qualification.

Setting a Price

Setting a price for your property is one of the hardest decisions, both emotionally and financially, that you must make.

While there is no "Exact" price for any piece of Real Estate, we can provide you with all the relevant market information you need to make an educated decision.

Setting an unrealistic Selling Price for your property may delay its sale - and result in extra expenses.

Things to consider when setting your price:
  • What is the average time it takes to sell a home in your area?
  • What is the competition? Are there homes for sale which are similar?
  • Is your home unique?
  • What specific features does your property have that buyers will compete for?
  • Of the houses that have sold recently in your area, which ones are similar to yours?
  • How many homes are For Sale in your market
Prepare to Sell

The three most important factors in selling a house are position, presentation and price. Unless you have access to a reasonable house mover, there is little you can do about the location of your house. If you have worked with your agent to determine a reasonable estimated selling price, the most crucial thing you can then accomplish is to make your house ready for sale and look better than any of your competition.

Even if you have been extremely conscientious in the maintenance of your home during the time that you have owned it, putting it on the market requires taking the next step. Check every aspect of your house by repairing, freshening or changing whatever is necessary. Steps below will help you in this preparation:

Preparing your house
  • General Exterior
  • General Interior
  • Interior Room by Room
  • Showing your home
General Exterior

The first step in preparing the exterior of your house - a buyer's first introduction - is to take a clear-headed look at the house from the street. Stand on the footpath and look at your house as a buyer might. What stands out and catches your eye? The beautiful landscaping and the new roof? Or does something else strike you? The faded exterior paint? The ruts in the driveway? The 2 missing louvers? Remember, this is how your home will "introduce" itself to a potential buyer. If the appeal isn't there, they will likely move on to the next available house, no matter how beautiful the interior of your house may be!

If you need major improvements or renovations to your house, do them before you put it on the market. The average buyer simply does not have the "vision" necessary to see the job done. If you don't want to do these renovations then factor that into your price expectation. Just because it ‘can be' the nicest home in the street once it's done, doesn't mean the buyer will be prepared to pay a premium for it. We'll do our utmost to maximise the sales price at all time.

  • Overall appearance: Remove any junk or clutter from the yard. This included tree limbs and leaves, but especially goes for junk cars or parts, lawn mowers etc
  • Overall appearance: If the exterior of the house is dirty or mouldy, get it professionally washed. If it is in need of paint, get competitive bids if you can't do it yourself
  • Grass: If possible, reseed or turf any bare areas of the lawn
  • Landscaping: Trim all shrubbery and plantings. Trim trees if necessary, especially dead limbs. Make the property look as low maintenance as possible
  • Driveway: If the driveway is stone and looking lean, add a coat of gravel
  • Decks and porches: Gurney, seal, stain or paint
  • Gutters and downpipes: Check gutters and downpipes to make sure they are clear, free from rust and functioning properly
  • Lights: Make sure that all exterior lights are operational
  • Landscaping: If the season is right, plant colourful flowers where appropriate
  • Landscaping: Add mulch to garden beds and around trees. An inexpensive but very effective way to freshening the look of the yard
  • Windows: Make sure the exterior (and the interior) of windows are clean and operational
General Interior

Many home sellers make the mistake of ignoring certain repair or maintenance items in the hopes that a potential buyer will not notice. Most buyers do not have vision. They are not able to look at a room that needs paint and carpet and imagine it fresh and attractive. Telling buyers that something will be cleaned, painted, or repaired may work with some, but the majority will not be able to envision the house after the changes have been made and will scratch your house from their list of potentials.

  • Painting: When it comes to preparing a house, painting gives you the best return for money spent. Which rooms should you paint? Any that have dirty or marked walls or any rooms that are currently painted in dark colours. Keep neutral-off white or antique white is best
  • Carpeting: At the very least, all carpeting needs to be steam cleaned, particularly worn, stained or smelly carpets!
  • Operation: Check all taps, toilets, and electrical items for correct operation
  • Safety: Make sure that your house is safe. Not only can a wobbly railing stop a sale, it could also cause an injury to a potential buyer who is not familiar with your house (and is spending time looking instead of being careful)
  • Clutter: If an item is not necessary for your day-to-day life, box it up and store it or throw it out!
  • Doors and windows: Check all for smooth operation. Replace any cracked window panes
  • Cleaning: Even though you may consider your house clean and tidy, a thorough cleaning - including dusting, washing and waxing everything - will always make a house more appealing
Interior Room by Room

When your agent gets a buyer into a house, it is important to make their visit as pleasant as possible - and that means having the whole house ready. You want them to be as comfortable as possible and to linger in the home. A "turn off" issue will send them scurrying quickly to the next house on their list!

Room by Room


  • Must be especially inviting for your guests (your potential buyers)
  • Make certain it is well lit, clean and has nothing lying around either inside or outside. If you normally use a back or side entrance to your house, pay particular attention to the front entry. You rarely see it but this is where the buyers will enter!

Living Room

  • If possible, keep furniture at a bare minimum so that traffic flow is easier and the room does not appear smaller than it actually is
  • If bookshelves, entertainment centres and the like are overflowing with books and knick-knacks, remove some of them

Family Room

  • If this is the room you live in the most, make it look inviting but not overly lived in
  • Keep furniture at a minimum but make the room look like a comfortable place to spend time


  • Clean the exterior of all appliances. Clean the oven interior
  • Clean or replace the stove hood filter. This is often overlooked, usually dirty and greasy, and looked at by a lot of buyers
  • Clean cabinet faces. Make them shine!
  • Remove all clutter and unnecessary items from countertops and clean all countertops and splashbacks thoroughly
  • Clean vinyl or tiled floor
  • If you have ceramic tiles elsewhere in the kitchen, pay particular attention to the grout - make sure that it's clean. If it is discoloured, there are "grout whitening" products that are available


  • Remove all clutter. If you don't need it, store it or ditch it!
  • Arrange or remove furniture to maintain good traffic flow through rooms. Remember, there may be three or four people in each group that walk through your house


  • Make sure all bulbs are working and have the highest wattage available as safe for each fixture. Brighter is better!
  • Clean all ceramic tiles. Check the grout for cleanliness and deterioration
  • If faucets drip, fix them
  • Thoroughly clean sinks and tubs. If rust spots are on the porcelain attempt to remove them
  • Remove any evidence of mildew from the shower and bathtub. Products are available that spray on and quickly kill the mildew


  • Remove all junk: Broken tools, old car parts, toys from the 1960s, etc
  • If floor has oil marks, clean it (cleaning solutions are available at most hardware stores and work with a normal garden hose)


  • Replace the air conditioning filters and ceiling fans

Showing your home

Your house has been prepared, presented and cleaned from top to bottom. Lyn and Rohan have priced it at what you feel is a fair price. It is important to leave your home while we show it to potential buyers. We recommend you leave it to us as professionals in our business for several reasons.

Buyers are more comfortable discussing the homes merits and drawbacks with their agent if you are not there; they might even feel like they are intruding if you are home.

We are experienced in dealing with others on your behalf and we have a duty to represent your interests in the best possible way; so let us do the talking.

This way, you don't accidentally volunteer information that your agents could use more strategically during negotiations.

  • Open every window covering. All drapes curtains and blinds should be positioned to let maximum light. Buyers like a house to be "light and bright", so accommodate them! Turn on as many lights as possible
  • Make sure the house smells good. Baking bread or cakes, often recommended, may be overdoing it, but pet odours, smoke, or greasy cooking odours definitely will not work! Air out the house just before the scheduled showing, but close the windows (unless it is a perfect day) before they arrive
  • Six very important words: no clutter, no clutter, no clutter!
  • Make sure that everything is spotless. Pay particular attention to the bathrooms and the kitchen. In the bathrooms, towels should be fresh and clean, sinks and baths scrubbed, and the floor freshly cleaned. In the kitchen, make sure all dishes are put away and countertops and sinks cleaned
  • Remove pets from the house, or at least, keep them outside. Pets under foot will quickly put a dampener on an otherwise positive showing
  • Leave the property during any inspection! The buyers need to feel comfortable about being in your home - this is not possible when you are around
Accepting an Offer

Having an experienced real estate agent on your side will assure that the negotiations will be beneficial to you, as the seller, but also fair to the buyer - Knowing this can save you time and money.

Price isn't everything:

Price is not always the deciding factor and the first offer may not be the final: our role is to help you sift through all the terms and conditions of the offer(s) you receive to help you create a transaction that best suits your needs. When appropriate, we will help you draft up a counter offer in response to an offer that comes up short of your needs. Contrary to popular belief, when presented with multiple offers, the highest price offer may not be the best offer to accept, after all things are considered.

Dealing Objectively and Fairly:

Selling your home requires remaining objective and always negotiating in good faith. We will help you negotiate contractual terms that are beneficial to you and fair to the other party. An experienced agent knows how to handle situations including multiple offers and multiple counter offers prior to you going into contract with one buyer, or "ratifying" their offer.


Once an offer is accepted, the buyer will deposit an agreed upon deposit into our trust account, signifying their intention to purchase your property.

Keeping it in writing (counter offers and addendums):

Converting all verbal agreements to a commitment in writing signed by both parties clarifies everyone's intentions and prevents things from being ambiguous, forgotten or contradicted later. We will ensure this occurs at all times.

Staying on track:

Real estate contracts provide a series of deadlines for both buyer and seller. Keeping this series of events on schedule ensures a timely and successful close of the transaction. Upon acceptance of an offer, we will give you a copy of the timeline we will be using to track the transaction, so you will always know what's next.

Conditions of Contract

Most contracts provide the buyer with specific amounts of time to perform building and pest inspections of the property, review the disclosure documents and obtain financing and insurance before they must actually complete their purchase of the property. At the successful conclusion of each of these milestones, the buyer will remove that contingency of their purchase and move one step closer to the close. Or, the buyer may use information they have learned to request a renegotiation of the terms of the contract (often the price). This is when an objective, experienced listing agent can make a difference by helping you make an informed decision on how to respond to the buyer.

Inspections - The buyer has the right to have a wide variety of property inspections to determine the property's condition and the cost of any amending repairs or upgrades. Inspections may include roof, termite/pest, structural, property boundary survey, septic, pool/spa, electrical or plumbing. You are entitled to a copy of any of their inspections reports that they deem to be unsatisfactory.

Appraisal and loan approval - We recommend accepting offers from buyers who have a lenders pre-approval letter, which is stronger than a pre-qualification letter. Later, the lender may send a registered valuer out to the property, to ensure the property is worth the sales price.

Time to start packing - We can recommend when it is time for you to start packing, based on our vast experience with transactions similar to yours. Too soon, and you risk having your house in upheaval right when a buyers offer fails or when we need to begin showing your home to prospective purchasers again.

Buying Your Next Home

You may have already started dreaming about your next home. Now that your current home is well along in the sales process, you have a much better chance of having your offer on your dream home getting accepted.

What do you want in your next home? Chances are living in your current home has given you some pretty clear ideas about what you want from your next home. Our job is to help you prioritize your needs and set realistic goals about the likelihood of finding and being able to afford these dreams.

Where will you live? Worried where you will live if your home sells before your next purchase completes? This is a common concern when juggling a sale with a purchase. We have many ideas to help you! For example, we can negotiate a rent-back period, where you continue to rent your first home back from the buyer while we help you find and buy your new home.

For more information on deciding to buy a home in Townsville and surrounds, contact our team direct on 07 4772 1164 or send an email to Rohan or Lyn.


Quite often, your solicitor may not copy us in on correspondence which is related to the sale. We urge you to insist that your solicitor keeps us fully informed at all times. As we have personal contact with both sides of this transaction we can normally ensure your objectives are met with a minimum of fuss.

We can rectify issues, concerns, questions and problems as they arise - but only if we know about them. Please feel free to contact us to update us with any information that comes to hand at any time.

Final walk through inspection - A few days prior to the buyer settling on your property, it is customary that the buyer makes a final pre-settlement inspection of the property. Please ensure that no fixtures or fittings have been removed (this includes curtains, dishwasher, dryer - even trees and shrubs from your garden are considered to be fixtures if they have not been specifically excluded in the contract). Also, is the property in the same condition as when the buyer initially saw the home?

Cancelling home services and utilities - Don't forget to cancel your paper, redirect your mail, disconnect gas and electricity etc.

If things get complicated - Sometimes things don't go according to plan. This is when you really need experienced real estate agents. Maybe something in the house broke at the last moment, or the buyer's loan won't be ready on time; there are a lot of variables. We've been through this numerous times and have various strategies and options to help make your transaction as smooth as possible for you.

Keys - We will coordinate the delivery of your keys to the buyer once written confirmation of settlement has been received by our office.

The Deal is Done

This is your reward for choosing Rohan and Lyn as your real estate agents - Congratulations! You've sold your home!